The Role Of Child High Chair

- Oct 15, 2018-

First, the material should be beneficial to the baby's growth

1, our children's dining chair no outside is leather, plastic, wood, metal, these kinds of materials, in which we generally use what kind of metal structure and leather, so easy to clean and withstand pressure balance.

2, if it is wooden words we will choose those natural wood like teak, rosewood. Wooden to have no burr, if the child is not recommended to buy that solid wood separation, the child will fall down, 10 months of the baby is not recommended to use wooden dining chair, the baby 6 months to learn

Sitting, from turning over to sitting in the process is also the process of spine growth and development, not fully seated baby spine is still weak need good protection

Second, whether it is helpful for the baby to eat

Baby Dining chair will not only help the baby to develop the habit of eating in the dining chair, to avoid chasing after the feeding in the butt of the trouble at the same time there is a benefit: the baby sitting in the right chair, not because of sitting unsteady and stagger, the hands can be freed out of their own grasp the tableware, but also exercise the baby hand, eye, brain

Third, whether the posture of the baby is helpful, whether the baby is comfortable. Your baby's sitting posture has a big impact on future growth and remembering changes, and it can also help with your body's development. Safety and comfort is the first consideration of the dining chair, followed by ductility, the baby Grows Day by day (in winter also to wear thick coat), chair back to the desktop space is the best can be adjusted to fit the baby's growth needs. The baby generally 3 months to learn to turn over, 6 months to learn to sit, from turning over to sitting in the process is also the development of the spine growth process, but also can not fully sit the baby shows that the spine is still weak need good protection.