The Choice Of Child High Chair

- Oct 15, 2018-

1, the choice is stable, the base is wide, the chair is not apt to tip over;

2, the edge is not sharp, if it is wooden, to have no burr;

3, the seat of the right shade for the baby to use, the baby sits on the top can move space;

4, if the pallet and other accessories are plastic products, should choose non-toxic plastic, and the hot water will not deform after brushing;

5, equipped with safety equipment. When using your baby's dining chair, make sure you have a safety device for your baby every time, including a seat belt that spans your baby's thighs and two legs, a sturdy buckle, and a seatbelt that adjusts the tightness, and that every time you adjust, you have to be strong enough.

If the baby chair is with wheels, the wheel should be lockable. It is important to note that even if your baby is well-fixed, you cannot rely entirely on these built-in security measures. When he is in the chair, he must pay close attention to it. Don't let your baby sit on a chair longer than a meal, because at first it was hard to sit that long without support.