High-end Dining Chair

- Oct 15, 2018-

Children's luxury multifunctional dining chair in the general dining chair based on the addition of MP3 function, vibration massage function, rocking chair function, suitable for 0-4 years of age of different ages of the baby.

MP3 function: Play Lullaby, Story, poetry, piano, etc., can control the time, volume, up/down, pause and switch.

Rocking-Chair mode: Let your baby enjoy swinging at home while shaking, and the vibration function allows the baby to relax and improve the quality of sleep.

Dining Chair Mode: Table design easy to clean, three gears can be adjusted before and after around. Out of the way: the wheel with lock design, safety does not occupy space. Suitable for baby: gentle, warm music to promote the baby's auditory development, soothe the baby's emotions, cultivate music literacy; rhythmic rocking or gentle shaking is the best way for your baby to play and relax; adjustable dining Chair mode makes your baby comfortable and safe; four-wheel design facilitates out-of-office, while taking care of both play and rest.