What should I pay attention to when using infant high chair?

- Oct 15, 2018-

Any existence is reasonable, since the market has a baby dining chair this product sells, naturally will have its use, baby dining chair benefits: With the baby dining chair, adults will not have to hold the doll to eat, so adults would be very tired, with a baby dining chair, children will not play out to move, so also can be raised in the early meal etiquette , can give the baby a hint in the heart, this also can develop a good life law, parents can also save snacks. How long the baby dining chair can be used: The baby dining car can be used for a long time or according to the child's specific situation, but the general baby dining chair for a year or two should be similar. Some babies eat in the dining car for a few months, but the baby may be about a year old to start a normal diet.

When the baby's teeth grow up, you can use the dining car when you are convenient to move. Baby dining chair is to allow the baby to fix a good posture to facilitate the mother feeding, at the same time, can also avoid the baby sitting too wide chair and shake right or fall. However, if the baby's chair is not selected correctly or used properly, it will become the "culprit" for the baby to fall. Potential danger: The baby falls from the dining chair and is clipped by a chair. The weapon of response: 1. Buy children's dining chair now online search for the dining chair is not due to design defects in the accident, check the use of their mothers to evaluate the safety aspects of the evaluation; 2. Buy the good stability of the baby dining chair, folding chair after the open with a fixed device fixed; 3. The chair does not fold well when not folded, do not put on the baby activity Area, lest the baby turn the chair over; 4. Do not leave the baby alone in the chair, even if it is only for a short time.