The role of infant high chair

- Oct 15, 2018-

The baby from 6 months to learn to sit up, the body development every day has new progress, a meal is a baby growth event, baby dining chair to help the baby from a one-to-one feeding process to dinner with parents and elders, not only make parents easier to take care of the baby, but also let the baby in the process of eating to find fun.

Many families have babies and parents take turns eating with their babies. Infants generally 3 months to learn to turn over, 6 months to learn to sit, from the roll over to sit up the process is also the process of spine growth and development, but also can not fully sit the baby shows that the spine is still weak need good protection, and 3-4 months of the baby gradually began to join the auxiliary food, can not sit and solve the problem of eating complementary Baby dining chairs are all taken into account, can be adjusted independently of the function of the backrest to achieve both sides of the function, the half-lying angle on the one hand to protect the baby has not yet fully developed spine, protect the spine from the body weight pressure caused by the problem, On the other hand, it is easy and safe to help the baby to transition from pure breast milk or milk to add complementary food to the meal alone to learn to eat the whole process, relaxed and safe. It is also a good choice to take a nap after a meal!