Standard for children's dining chair selection

- Oct 15, 2018-

The safety of children's dining chair is the first to consider, and it is related to the weight of the dining chair and the safety of the size of the present, most of the weight of the dining chair is above 25kg, in the dining chair anywhere should not find more than 5mm less than 12mm gap, to avoid sticking to the baby's fingers. When the baby sits in the dining chair, he often moves around to eat, so the seat belt is the necessary part to keep the baby safe.

There are five-point and three-point seat belts on the market, and it is recommended that babies under 3 years of age use more hanging points and more protective five-point belts.

When choosing a dining chair, it is also important to try the seat belt if it is easy to wear, can you fix the baby is very good, across the baby thigh and through the two legs of the seatbelt and buckle to be strong enough, but the mother can not rely entirely on these built-in safety measures, to pay close attention to the baby in the chair of the movement. In addition, if the children's dining chair with wheels, it is necessary to consider whether the wheel has a brake device, the selection of the time to see if the brakes do not move, contact the brakes is easy and convenient, other locking device to check, to avoid folding accidents.