Selection of infant high chair

- Oct 15, 2018-

Six or seven months, the baby can sit up with the help of his mother. Although the spine has not yet developed very strong, but for the baby, is a very great new skills! Always like to eat and mother Rob small spoon, always get full hands full face is, let mother laugh and cry-it is time to help the baby to buy a good baby dining chair [1]! Let the baby sit more comfortably during dinner,

Mother is also more convenient to feed.

1, good brand of environmental protection of solid wood material is better than plastic.

The surface and all the details, edges must be light, but also check the bottom of the tray, do not have any small holes or gaps can let the baby into the fingers, so as not to stab, clip or scratch the baby.

2, must have anti-slipping and protection design, for example, the seat belt on the back. If there is a pulley design, you must check the strength of the pulley locking device.

3, personal more like to bring their own plate and height can adjust the baby dining chair, the base is large, not easy to tip over, the baby can also be used to grow up. Of course, the self-brought plate must be non-toxic plastic.