Infant high chair when to use

- Oct 15, 2018-

The baby will sit when you can use, generally 6, 7 months after the start, but also according to the characteristics of the baby with the tableware suitable for the baby.

Children's dining chair from the purchase to use have a lot of special attention to the place OH. Preferably solid wood, not painted (expensive). Choose affordable, generally with the nose smell, no irritation of the smell can be accepted. Sturdy bottom design: The wide-seated baby dining table and chairs are not prone to fall and are easy to clean. Safety precautions: seat belts and straps must be made of durable cloth. Do not allow baby babies to stand up while they are seated in the dining chair or sliding under the plate. Adjustable Seat Height: The height is freely controlled according to the height of the baby, placing him at the most suitable height for dinner. Detachable PLATE: Easy to move back and forth. Adjustable back: Let your baby stretch backwards and forwards. The bottom is equipped with wheels and has a brake function: It is convenient for parents to push the dining chair to any corner of the room and can be fixed. Locking device: Buy a folding dining chair, be sure to confirm the easy operation of the locking device, to avoid accidental folding of the meal chair accident occurred.

Seat cushion thickness can be divided into the season: according to the season and the general type of thickening, to meet the baby in different seasons of warm and cold needs. Remind you to choose a children's table must be quality, no odor, environmental protection, but also relatively strong, not with the kind of falling apart is not used, in addition to see whether there are some very practical functions, such as some children's dining chair has the function of lifting, children can and adults to achieve the "equal" effect, very convenient.