Infant high chair selection precautions

- Oct 15, 2018-

Take a look at

Take a look at the children's dining chair packaging and instructions, whether it is convenient to use, the appearance of the dining chair can also be included in the scope of consideration; Take a look at the children's dining chair the link between the various parts is compact, whether to meet the criteria selected.

Plastic children's dining chair is generally pp material, when choosing the best to avoid the purchase of black, because the black is easy to hide the doped back material.


The material of the dining chair must be non-toxic food grade material, and the hot water cannot be deformed after brushing.

Wooden Dining chair If there is no green paint protection, prone to damp deformation and breeding bacteria, if you smell the dining chair has a pungent odor, try not to choose, paint unsafe risk is higher.

Think about it.

Currently on the market children's dining chair style a lot, the price and function are very different, to think about the choice of dining chair, whether to meet the home space and baby's needs.

A touch.

Touch the surface of the dining chair, some sudden foreign bodies or not polished smooth burr, easy to scratch the baby. Select the time, you can touch the seat of the dining chair, as far as possible to choose a good stability is not easy to rollover.