Infant high chair pay attention to these points!

- Oct 15, 2018-

1. Avoid children standing

Don't let your child stand or climb on a chair, it's easy to fall, and it's easy for your baby to trick you when you're not paying attention, which can increase his risk of injury.

2, Only to eat things

High chairs should only be used for eating, game time to avoid use. This will prevent your baby from being confused and play constantly during the meal, helping you to feed him as soon as possible. The baby sits on a high chair and cannot wander.

3. Avoid unattended

Although the baby is safe in the dining chair, you should not leave him alone in the high chair. It is dangerous for an unattended baby to stumble, or to struggle to find you.

4. Avoid children kicking

Make sure the position of the high chair is at a certain distance from the table and will not push the chair because the baby is kicking, causing the fall. Therefore, be sure to keep your baby's high chair away from the table.

5. Fasten the seatbelt.

Like car seats, high chairs for infants and toddlers also have seat belts, which are used to secure the baby and prevent running and falling. You should make sure your child's seatbelt is fastened so that the baby can sit comfortably and not move.