How to choose children's dining chair

- Oct 15, 2018-

First, the dining chair to the child's safety is guaranteed. Safety is the first consideration in choosing a dining chair. The base of the children's dining chair should be large enough, not easy to shake, stable and strong, the chair is not easy to tilt, seat belt, seat belt to be able to adjust tightness, strong enough. Children aged between 6 months and 10 months have just learned to sit, and it is recommended to choose a dining chair with a five-point seat belt, which can help the child to sit steady through the shoulder restraints, and a three-point or five-point harness is available for children over 10 months, depending on their preferences and convenience.

Children of different ages, the choice of child dining chair is different.

The second is that the dining chair should be helpful to the child's posture. Sitting comfortably is very helpful for children's body development, and the comfort of children's dining chair depends on the ductility of the product. Backrest angle is best adjustable, can meet the needs of sitting and so on, convenient for children to extend freely forward and backward; dining chair seat height adjustable, easy to use with different table height, foot pedal can be adjusted, can adapt to different height of children to use. You can keep your child seated at the table for the maximum amount of food.

Thirdly, the selection of dining chair should be beneficial to children's growth. Regardless of the children's dining chair material belongs to the fabric, plastic, wood, metal one or more of them, should consider the environmental protection of the material is non-toxic, such as pallets and other accessories are plastic, should try to choose food-grade white PP plastic, hot water is not deformed, dyeing textiles should not be less than 4 color fastness. If it is solid wood quality, it is recommended to choose the non-painted solid wood, and the chair edge is not sharp, no burr. Children under 10 months are not recommended to use wooden dining chairs because the wooden dining chair is not elastic, and children of this age have just learned to sit upright and the weak spine needs good protection. Wooden dining chairs do not protect the neck of the child at this time.