Portable High Chair Children Go Out

Product Details


Our Portable High Chair Children Go Out is made from eco-friendly PU leather for easy ventilation. In addition, it is filled with thick sponge and resin cotton to keep warm and elastic, comfortable and soft. Coupled with a breathable pearly sleeping pad, this dining chair is designed for the baby's delicate body and skin.

1.Gear back adjustment

The Portable High Chair Children Go Out provides comfortable support for children by multi-functional adjustments for eating, playing, lying down and sleeping back.

2. Gear height adjustment

The height and low 5 adjustments allow children to enjoy the right height in the living room, kitchen or dining room.


The baby learns to sit from 6 months, and every day has a new progress in physical development. Three meals a day is a big event for the baby to grow up. Portable High Chair Children Go Out helps your baby to successfully transition from a one-on-one feeding process to eating at the same table as their parents, not only making it easier for parents to take care of their baby, but also allowing them to have fun while eating.